Who do you caw FIRST for computer help?
Does your computer frustrate you?
Corvid Computing

Corvid Computing is the full-service computer and communications consultant for Gustavus, Alaska.

  • Get your computer repair or tune-up.
  • Get Internet access from the Gustavus Community Network.
  • Get training or help with a specific problem or question.
  • Get your own domain name and web site.
  • Get a home or office network.
  • We have a small stock of computer parts such as hard drives for quick repairs.
  • No job (in Gustavus) is too big or too small.
  • See a complete list of services we offer.

We are located upstairs from Berry's Specialty Contracting in the Salmon River Business Center.

  • Our regular office hours are Wednesday 5-7 and Friday noon-4. 
  • Caw us any time at 697-2810 for help with the Gustavus Community Network or an appointment outside office hours.
  • View our complete contact information.
  • Pay us securely online with a credit card or PayPal (no PayPal account needed).

Sean Neilson, Nathan Borson, and Phoebe Vanselow are standing by with clever solutions for all your information and communications needs and problems!

Sean, Nate, and Phoebe

Did you know?

Corvids are the clever birds including ravens, crows, jays, and magpies.